Digital Radiography

Stoneybrook Animal Hospital is proud to provide digital radiography to our clients and for our patients. Digital radiographs are obtained with a digital analyzer which produces digital X-ray images faster and safer than traditional X-ray systems. There is no development time required and absolutely no developer fluids are needed. Once the X-ray image is taken, the information is read from a digital plate within a minute and the digital image can then be enhanced and specific areas enlarged during diagnosis.

Dr.’s Russell and Jongert are able to view your pet’s X-rays within minutes! This process used to take upwards of 30 minutes for just one X-ray. We are also able to review your pet’s X-rays with you in the examining room directly off a laptop, and we can email X-rays directly to specialists in the event that we need to consult with them about your pet’s problem.

Digital X-rays produced provide more information then we were able to obtain previously, and we do not have to wait for the image to be developed before deciding if we need to get another view.

Digital X-rays have the added benefit of providing tools for measuring, resolution and exposure enhancement, and many other enhancements which assist us when making a fast diagnosis of your problem. In addition, your pet’s X-rays are protected from loss or damage through automatic off-site encrypted backup, and are attached to your pet’s paperless medical record for instant access for any future review by our veterinarians.