House Call Services

I opened a London-Port Stanley house call service in 1997. I had originally planned to practice veterinary medicine on the beach of Port Stanley, but we soon became too busy in London. Very quickly the number of our clients grew too big, and we couldn’t attend to all our patients in a timely fashion.

Although the house call practice “idea” is wonderful, it quickly became impossible to help my patients without a “home base” within which to treat them. Stoneybrook became my “home base” in 1998 when I bought Stoneybrook Animal Hospital from Dr. David Yates. I still enjoy the house call change of pace, and I know my house call clients appreciate the convenience.

As far as the pets are concerned, it still doesn’t generally matter to them where they see me. Some don’t like the needles regardless of where they see me! House calls are available when time permits. However, a few hours are reserved on Friday afternoons for this purpose. In order to be productive, we strongly recommend healthy animals be seen routinely, as we cannot predict what is required when attending to a sick animal in your home.

An exception to this rule is in the case of euthanasia. If a beloved pet needs to be euthanized, we must consider the best interests of the pet and its family. Because of this, we perform many euthanasias in the home. This is a sad part of our job, however, it may make that final time a little easier on the pet and their family.