The Stoneybrook Animal Hospital

Stoneybrook, established in 1985, is a professional corporation owned and operated by Dr. Kristina Russell.

Stoneybrook’s staff includes 2 veterinarians supported by a team of veterinary technicians, receptionists, and additional assistants. Dr. Russell has over 21¬†years experience dealing with pets including dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents.

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Therapeutic Laser

We are now able to offer therapeutic laser medical care to our patients at Stoneybrook. It works very well as an alternative or addition to traditional pain management and to enhance our body’s natural ability to heal itself from many conditions.


Stoneybrook Animal Hospital is a professional corporation, offering a range of veterinary services to pet owners in the London and surrounding area. We would love to see you!



We require full payment at the time that services are rendered. For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, Direct Debit, and Cash. We do not accept cheques.


Got Worms?

CDC Reports Prevalence Of Worms Transmitted By Dogs And Cats To Humans Is Higher Than Previously Understood. For More on this click the button below.

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