Overnight Boarding

close up face of sleeping dog

We’re Here For Your Pets

When you need to be away from your feline friends, we can help. Stoneybrook Animal Hospital offers overnight cat boarding services in a hospital environment. We only provide day boarding for dogs.

We have many medium to large-sized kennels for overnight housing for cats. Our feline guests are provided with fresh food, water, and a clean litter box daily. Our trained staff is able to administer medications your pet requires during the workday, weekends included, and a veterinarian is on-site during the workday for medical intervention if required.

If your pet is on a diet that we do not supply, please bring what you expect them to eat during their stay to avoid digestive upsets.

All overnight guests require certain vaccinations before boarding, including immunization against Feline Leukemia, in order to socialize with other boarding cats. All male cats must be neutered. You’ll need to provide these up-to-date vaccines, including kennel cough for day boarding dogs.

All animals must be vaccinated at least ten days prior to boarding, and the kennel cough vaccine must be administered 48 hours prior to day boarding.